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Things to Consider During Your Renovation

There are many reasons for homeowners' to update their home by means of a renovation or a remodel; the original kitchen is outdated or too small, you need another bathroom, or you desire a master suite complete with walk-in closets, double vanities, and freestanding tub.  Whatever your reasons are know that there are a few items you'll want to keep in mind before construction starts.

It's Your House, but Their Project

You work hard on keeping your home looking clean and fresh. You maintain your landscaping, clean your driveway and patios, vacuum the house, and fix any crooked wall photographs.  Once you let your builder come in to start construction, however keep in mind that your home becomes their work site for the next few weeks or months.  That translates to more people at the house then you may be typically used to, dealing with loud noises from power tools early in the mornings, and construction materials & tools being stored in your garage or basement.  All of these items are part of the job and unavoidable throughout the life of the project.  You have to trust the process and know that at the end your house will be back to normal with a new space to show your family and friends.

 Deleting Walls

Deleting Walls

Dust is Your Enemy

If you're going to remodel or renovate your house know that dust will find its way past the construction zone and onto your counters, shelves, and floors.  We always setup dust barriers, temporary walls, and floor protection but during the life of the project dust will find a way past those barriers.  The reason for this is due to a couple of factors. The first being that your house has settled over time, and when someone comes in to rip some of it apart some of that built up dust in the walls, floors, and ceilings can come loose in an area outside of the project. Another reason is that your house has 'gaps' where dust can easily pass through.

Trust the Process

It is an exciting moment when demolition begins, but at the same time we have a feeling that homeowners begin to panic.  If you have done work on your home in the past you know what we are talking about.  That bathroom you have been using for years, have made your own, suddenly razed to expose just the bones of the wall.  It can be hard to take in at first, but throughout the process you will start to see your project being assembled to its old state - rather a better state!  In the case of a bathroom project that could mean all new tile, fresh paint, new vanity, toilet and tub, and some sleek lighting (and maybe even a heated floor!).  During the demolition phase it may be hard to remember the end goal but if you trust your builder that end goal will come sooner than you think.

Ask Away

No matter how hard we attempt to sort through all of the projects' scope up front there will always be questions that come up, both on our end as well as yours.  Never hesitate to ask questions, whether it be about a material you selected or something you see on the project job site.  More often than not your question will help clarify the project and ensure that we are both on the same page.  If you're curious about something during the construction phase, ask us about it! We love the construction process and are always more than happy to explain what you're seeing on site.

Before the start of your next project if you keep the above in mind you we promise you'll have less headaches.



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