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Get Ready - CAC Blog Launch!

Being a young and innovative start-up firm we thought it would be an interesting exercise (as well as good habit!) if we started a company blog.  It appeared to be a daunting task at first, but upon further discussion the team decided that this blog can be useful, both to you and to us.  We plan on using this blogging format to share some of the 'behind-the-scenes' of our company; we will give you the inside scoop on our process and current projects, but also our growth.

There is more to share than just the finished design or construction project - although fantastic to see - we above all else love the process.  For us, those initial ideas, countless sketches, your design input, and the twists & turns it took to get to the final product is what we pride ourselves in.  Both architecture and building do not just 'happen' into existence.  There are steps - not always linear - that are taken throughout to create beautiful architecture and intricate construction.  Consider this introductory post our first step in creating a fun, interesting, and maybe even educational CAC Blog.


The CAC Team