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#iLookUp You Should Too

The #iLookUp campaign was started by the American Institute of Architects, the AIA, to help promote and raise awareness of the power of architecture in America.  The mission of the group is simple:

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) encourages everyone to "Look Up" and see what we can create together. Then, imagine what America could look like when you partner with an architect to co-create its future.

 From Nathaniel's own Instagram #iLookUp

From Nathaniel's own Instagram #iLookUp

As architects we are often looking up (and bumping into things while doing so).  It's a great way to discover how buildings meet the sky, and can actually create a sense of wonder standing at the base of a structure and craning your neck up to see the shear mass, the materials, and connections all above you.

Ever since the start of this campaign we found ourselves scrolling through all the hash-tagged Instagram photos.  This is a great way to get inspired by the projects architects work on.  You'll scroll through projects from ultra-modern skyscrapers in large cities, concrete structures from the brutalism era (I'm sensing a blog post on this), high-end contemporary homes, mega-structures, and yes, the occasional cat photo (cats sneak into everything!).

In all seriousness, the campaign aims to bring awareness to the importance of architecture; to the architect.  And this is important for architects working at all scales - skyscrapers to homes.  But what exactly does an architect do? We're going to save that for later ;)

In the meantime, keep looking up.


- Nathaniel & the CAC Team