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Architecture All Around

 Architecture can inspire a sense of wonder. From NMS Instagram

Architecture can inspire a sense of wonder. From NMS Instagram

Think about this for a moment, other than most architects, many people go about their everyday lives experiencing architecture without ever giving it any thought.  The built environment is defined by architecture, it's all around us and one can sense it in many ways. Yet, the architecture of places can be lost - taken for granted even - on almost everyone. Why is that?

In Experiencing Architecture, author Steen Eiler Rasmussen writes, "Architecture is produced by ordinary people, for ordinary people; therefore it should be easily comprehensible to all...". Architecture is not meant simply for one type of person (ie. people who can afford it), it's meant to be experienced by everyone on a variety of different levels of understanding.  So pause every now and again to take it all in.  What do you see around you, what can you hear, what types of materials surround your being, does it have a particular smell, is it filled with natural light? Is the space smooth or rough, are there specific colors being used, do you notice any patterns, are there any memories flooding your conscious?

With every project we design and build we attempt to invoke your architectural senses.  Spaces take on various forms of meaning for everyone, this is what can make a project a success. A project, in our opinion, is unsuccessful when a space does not invoke anything within you. That's why throughout the entire design-build process we work along side you with the design and construction details to ensure that you are going to be awe-struck by your project; big or small. Whether it be incorporating your favorite colors in a room, using materials that remind you of your childhood home, or capturing the sun's light in just the right way to inspire you - these are each small examples of how you can experience the architecture around you and your project.  Are you ready to take it in?

- N. & The CAC Team



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