Our Method

Below is a 'nutshell' description of the two primary methods in which we work. We pride ourselves on our architect-led design-build process, but there are times when owners already have a builder in mind and need to hire us just for design services.


Traditional Design - Bid - Build Method

With this delivery method you as the owner are hiring an architect to design your project. At the completion of that design you will select a builder (with the help of your architect) to hire and work on your project.  With this method there are two means of contact and 2 separate agreements - one with your architect the other with your builder. The main difference between this method and that of a design-build method is that design and construction are separated into two very distinct tasks.  Everything is designed, then everything is built to that design.


Architect - Led Design - Build Method

One of the greatest benefits to this method is that your architect teams up and works with a builder throughout the entire process.  One of the main advantages to owners is that there is one point of contact for you, and a single source of management - your architect is responsible for overseeing the entire design and building process.  At the start of construction the architects role will shift to actually become a project manager, where the architect then coordinates and manages all of the subcontractors.  This method bears more risk to the architect, but the architect also gains more control over the entire process than with the traditional method. With this method there is one team and one contract creating one unified front from concept to completion.