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Cypress Tree / Redi


For 5 years, CAC has collaborated with Weston Roots, Cypress Tree, and Redi on several projects in the cannabis space. Our enduring partnership has enabled us to design world-class cultivation, extraction, and manufacturing facilities, along with multiple dispensary designs.



One of the most notable projects is the Redi Marijuana Dispensary, conveniently located just off of Route 9 in Newton, MA. We undertook an extensive renovation of a portion of a pre-existing masonry building, which had previously housed a restaurant and hair salon/spa that occupied two separate tenant spaces. Our team’s strategy consisted of stripping all finishes, conducting a deep clean, and re-cladding the exterior to satisfy local design requirements.

At CAC, we pride ourselves on delivering open and highly-functional facility designs.For the Redi Marijuana Dispensary, we introduced key elements including a concrete slab floor, exposed metal roof structure, and exposed CMU exterior walls to provide a distinctive and contemporary feel to the space. The finishing touches consisted of bold interior decor that ties directly into the bold company branding.

The most rewarding aspect of the project was the collaborative journey with the Owner in shaping the interior design package. Through multiple productive virtual meetings, our design team worked hand-in-hand with the Owner to bring their unique vision to life, resulting in a one-of-a-kind dispensary experience that both the Owners and patrons are sure to enjoy.

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