What is CAC?

Caveney Architectural Collaborative is an architectural design firm located within the downtown historic district of Lowell, MA. We are a design studio full of eager, curious, and innovative people. All projects are designed by collaborating and leading an interdisciplinary team of designers, consultants, builders, and vendors all with the aim of designing a successful building for the client.

Everyday we go all out to: Be Bold, by striving for things we believe in, put Team Over Self, by listening to every single team member involved, Keep It Real & Do What's Right, by always being ourselves and never holding anything back, Stay Curious, by exploring what we believe in architecture and why we believe in it, and Give Back, by always helping others and making decisions based on the community.

As a young firm, we pride ourselves on facing the challenges that come our way and learning whenever possible. This also comes with us being as transparent and open as possible. You know who you are dealing with when you sign on to work with CAC. The key to understanding the root of our clients’ challenges is by listening, which in turn allows us to create the best and most effective solutions. We are curious - constantly exploring new technologies and fields to find innovative solutions for our clients. Finally, we are passionate about the power of good and sustainable design and the role it can play in advancing society.

Our Team


John Caveney, AIA

President & Founder
Keep It Real & Do What's Right

"We work hard to earn trust by being client-focused and building lasting relationships. We are making decisions on the basis that we will be around for the next 100 years."

Jessie Moberg

Cannabis Project Lead
Be Bold

"We embrace new design challenges and project types to keep ourselves diversified, engaged, and excited about work. Don't let your day-today get stagnant so you lose interest or grow complacent. Don't let the fear of failure keep you from trying."

Jessie Headshot.jpg
Christina Headshot.jpg

Christina McMahon, AIA

Project Lead
Stay Curious

"We have to be completely open any sort of feedback and criticism. This is necessary for us to avoid needless repetition based only on previous experience."

Kevin Fitzgerald

Us Before Me

"Nobody knows everything, but everybody knows something. Don't hold back what you can contribute to the team."

Kevin Headshot.jpg

Maggie Cassidy

Give Back

"Include the community you're building for in the design process. When we're doing public or semi-public projects and the local community will be engaging with the space - it should be designed with them."


Director of Office Morale
Stay Curious

"grrrr...... hmmmm...."

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