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Kevin Fitzgerald


Kevin Fitzgerald


Kevin is a versatile and driven Designer and Marketing lead, playing a hands-on role in nearly every aspect of CAC. His creative influence extends across several projects, leaving his mark on both the design and construction documentation phases for his clients. With a bright mind and infectious enthusiasm, Kevin has been instrumental in elevating the collaborative’s standards of graphic design. He is a natural when it comes to computer aided drafting, but knows when to put ink onto paper or paint onto canvas. Kevin has also taken on marketing responsibilities for the firm, staying tuned in to the latest trends and developments in the design world.

Outside of the walls of the office, Kevin’s passion for sports shine through as he enjoys participating in competitive basketball and volleyball leagues, as well as cheering on the Celtics and Patriots whenever given the chance. Embracing his artistic flair and love for the fine arts, he also spends time painting with watercolors and acrylic where he has developed a style in the geometric abstract realm.

“We adore chaos because we love to produce order”
– MC Escher