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St Benedict’s Elementary School


St. Benedict Elementary School is a 20,000 square foot facility located at 282 Still River Road in Still River, MA. Design of the project is complete and construction is in progress.

The project includes the renovation and addition to the existing elementary school building. It will consist of a new four-story community hall, dining facilities for staff, four new classrooms, and an attic flex space. The building addition will be separated from the existing building by a three-hour fire wall, and thus be considered independent.

The St. Benedict’s Center is a public religious community affiliated with the Diocese of Worcester MA. Located on a beautiful hill overlooking the Nashua River, the project involves an addition and alteration to the existing elementary school building. This new addition will double the amount of classrooms and provide a commercial grade kitchen for the sisters to prepare meals for lunches and events, as well as dining spaces for brothers and sisters, and a function hall in the basement to hold large events.

The project design focuses on maximizing the incredible views of the landscape from the most utilized spaces within the building. The function hall, dining spaces, and large classrooms were designed with plenty of glazing overlooking the river.

The brothers and volunteers associated with the Center will be constructing this building to match the aesthetic of the original structure. It is an exciting opportunity for the owners and users of the building to construct it themselves.

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