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Middlesex Canal Museum & Visitors Center


This project is a full renovation and addition of a small masonry building in North Billerica, Massachusetts. It is located on the location of the former Middlesex Canal and serves as the Middlesex Canal Association Museum & Visitor’s Center. The building is an existing historical storehouse, and the project aims to convert it into a two-story museum that is open to both members of the association and the general public.

The design of the museum incorporates flexible display and event spaces, a commercial kitchen to cater events, and a rear deck that overlooks the Concord River. Additionally, a new roof, vestibule, and three fully accessible bathrooms were added to improve the building’s functionality. The interior finishes were updated, and the fenestration was reconfigured to improve energy efficiency and create a comfortable indoor environment.

Working within the Billerica Mills Historic District, it was important to preserve the character of the building while incorporating modern elements to meet the needs of the Middlesex Canal Association. The new roof and drainage system, entrance threshold, and structural system were designed with both form and function in mind, ensuring that the building will be able to serve the association for many years to come. The MEP work was also designed to meet the current and future needs of the museum.

Turning the goals and dreams of a small group of people into a reality is always satisfying. The Middlesex Canal Association Museum & Visitor’s Center is a prime example of this, showcasing how a functional and aesthetically pleasing building can be created from an existing historical structure.

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