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Atlantic Medical Partners


Atlantic Medicinal Partners (AMP) is a Massachusetts based, vertically integrated cannabis company that operates three locations in the state. CAC has collaborated with AMP on each of their facilities, providing comprehensive design and construction oversight services from concept through Town and CCC approvals, permitting, and construction. AMP’s three facilities are strategically located in Massachusetts “Gateway Cities”, former industrial centers undergoing revitalization efforts to provide economic incentives and employment opportunities to local residents.

The largest facility, located in Fitchburg, MA, serves as a cultivation, processing, manufacturing, and extraction facility, featuring an adjoined dispensary. This site, a former factory and warehouse used for Lego brick fabrication,underwent a complete overhaul to accommodate the new AMP facility. Our team provided full construction drawings, MEP&FP engineering by AHA Engineers for approximately 25,000SF for cultivation, 2,700SF of dispensary, and an additional 23,000SF for future expansion. Our team also assisted with interior design for the dispensary, benching and lighting layouts for the cultivation rooms, details for a commercial kitchen, solvent-based extraction space, secure vault storage, fertigation system coordination, and a new mechanical addition to house cogeneration equipment. Offering both medical and adult-use recreational products, the dispensary boasts a modern black-and-white aesthetic with a large sales and display area, substantial natural light, a polished concrete floor that pays homage to the building’s industrial past, and exposed ceilings.

AMP also operates dispensaries in Brockton and Salem, MA for adult-use recreational sales. These locations maintain a similar modern black-and-white aesthetic, featuring clean lines and an open concept sales area.

The Brockton dispensary, situated in the heart of downtown with on-site parking, occupies the lower level of a multi-story office building with a dedicated entrance. Despite its smaller size of approximately 2,200 SF, this facility caters to quick in-and-out foot and car traffic, offering a streamlined version of their Fitchburg flagship in the competitive Brockton market.

The Salem location, which will be AMP’s largest dispensary when it opens in 2023, occupies a freestanding commercial building on Highland Avenue, a prime commercial shopping corridor just outside of the historic Downtown area. Featuring a similar storefront design and daylighting, this location is a great companion to its Gateway City counterpart in Fitchburg.

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