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Sanctuary Medicinals (MA, NH, NJ)


“Sanctuary Medicinals have a series of cannabis dispensaries in Massachusetts. The first location was opened in Gardner, followed by stores in Danvers, Brookline, Woburn, with a cultivation facility located in Littleton. These dispensaries were created to provide customers with access to a wide range of medicinal cannabis products in a welcoming and safe environment.
The Brookline location of Sanctuary Medicinals is located in the heart of Coolidge Corner and is a renovation of a portion of an existing multi-use building. The dispensary space is designed to be a large and open sales floor, as well as an art gallery operated by the Brookline Arts Center. CAC worked with interior designers from Manchester, VT to develop the finishes for the space.
One of the most gratifying aspects of this project was the successful integration of the art gallery into the dispensary space. The existing building had a unique and challenging shape, but CAC was able to work with the design team to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing layout that satisfied the spatial needs of the dispensary while also providing ample natural lighting to the art gallery.

The Woburn location of Sanctuary Medicinals is located right off Route 93 and is also a renovation of a portion of an existing building. The goal of this project was to create a convenient and accessible location for customers to purchase their medicinal cannabis products. Like the Brookline location, this dispensary was designed with an open sales floor and welcoming atmosphere to ensure that customers feel comfortable and at ease while shopping.”

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